Inside An Eerie Abandoned Water Park In Vietnam

In 2001, residents of the Vietnamese đô thị of Hue learned they were about lớn have a large water park called Ho Thuy Tien (Hồ Thủy Tiên) right on their doorstep. The company Hue Tourism decided that a water park would assist its aims of promoting Hue and attracting tourists to the city.

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The company allocated 3 million US dollars (70 billion Vietnamese dongs) for construction of the park. In the kiến thiết phase of the project, it was envisaged that the water park would be suitable for everyone: families, children, & adults.

In June 2004, the water park opened its doors & greeted the first visitors. However, construction was not fully completed at this time, meaning the park wasn’t living up to its promise. Such a failure would ultimately prove to lớn be its downfall.

The park’s entertainment zone included pools và water slides, a palace with an aquarium, a virtual world room, shops, và a restaurant for more than 200 guests as well as an amphitheater. The owners wanted khổng lồ cater lớn every possible need of the guests, và there were high hopes for the park’s success.

The most unusual và popular attraction was the three-story aquarium in the shape of a dragon. Guests could climb up some stairs located inside the long while viewing, on all sides, aquarium tanks filled with live fish & even crocodiles.

Unfortunately, during its two years of operation, Hue Tourism was unable lớn secure funds to complete construction of the water park. After the initial interest wore off, not many people wanted khổng lồ go back to a half-finished tourist attraction. Consequently, the number of visitors decreased, Hue Tourism went bankrupt, and the water park was closed.

After the park’s closure, the company was under pressure from the banks, so it was obliged lớn sell the park lớn an investment và trading company called HACO, which was based in Hanoi. There were hopes that a new investor would be keen khổng lồ restore and reopen such a huge and interesting project.

In 2012, HACO announced that they intend to lớn invest another 1.5 million dollars in an effort to lớn complete construction. The company also wanted to add office centers and spas. However, these ideas never came lớn fruition.

In the meantime, with every day that passed, the state of the water park continued lớn deteriorate as it remained abandoned.

It eventually became clear that Haco was not going khổng lồ carry out the restoration it had promised. Such a delayed execution of a project is a violation of Vietnamese law. As a result, the contract with the company was terminated, & in 2017, the Hue đô thị People’s Committee decided to acquire the project.

Management of the project had now been taken over local government, although the future is still uncertain.

The water park is located ten kilometers (six miles) from the đô thị of Hue in central Vietnam & is situated near Lake Tui Tien. There are various ways khổng lồ get there, và many urban explorer sites recommend ordering a taxi and writing the name of the park down for the driver. Alternatively, you can rent a motorcycle or drive.

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Entry khổng lồ the water park is generally prohibited, although this does not stop determined researchers & urban explorers. Websites suggest that there are several guards in the park who will allow people inside after paying an entry fee.

However, to some visitors, it can appear that the giant, three-story long is the guardian of this abandoned place as the aquarium towers over its surroundings. Its derelict state makes it even more intimidating than originally intended.


Author: Les Gros Sacs |

The rusty rồng is located above an artificial reservoir, the fullness of which now depends on precipitation. The dragon’s paint has begun to peel off, but graffiti still adds some color.

The stomach of the dragon was trang chủ to tanks of live fish và crocodiles. There was still water inside the aquarium for some time (before the tanks were smashed), but there were no live fish or crocodiles.

Visitors could ascend a spiral staircase to lớn reach an observation deck situated inside the dragon’s xuất hiện mouth. The observation deck is now decorated with graffiti, but this doesn’t detract from the incredible view that opens up khổng lồ those who can get up there.


Author: Les Gros Sacs |

There was an amphitheater at the water park which used to hold various shows và events, but it is now also in poor condition và covered with moss.

Nature’s dominance can also be witnessed on the three remaining water slides which are overgrown with weeds on the inside and covered with graffiti on the outside. The slides lead into the pool, which is overgrown with algae.

Also on site are electricity boxes that are covered with dust and badly damaged, making them a threat to lớn careless visitors. Added khổng lồ the poor condition of the water park is the fact that broken glass, plastic bottles, bags, and various items of rubbish litter the ground.

Currently, the 50-hectare water park looks like the ruins of some forgotten, mystical age. Nature is in control of the park now, not humans. Stray dogs have made their homes there and cows graze on the land.


Author: Les Gros Sacs |


Author: Les Gros Sacs |

This place is so unusual that it has even tempted thieves, meaning that some elements of the park are lost forever. For example, there used to be a full-size baby elephant sculpture located near the children’s pool, which is no longer there. Và a mermaid in a circular pool has her hand hanging off, possibly where someone tried lớn remove it và failed.

The future of this amazing place remains unknown, and it’s unclear whether it can ever regain its original glory và live up to lớn the promise it showed on opening day.

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