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"https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpgBig Big World"https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpg is a tuy vậy by Swedish artist Emilia. It was released in September 1998 as the lead single from the album of the same name & was written by Emilia and Lasse Anderson. The tuy vậy was a hit in Europe where it reached the top five in many countries but fared poorly in the US, where it remained at the bottom of the Billboard Hot 100. The tuy nhiên was given a Grammis award for "https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpgSong of the Year"https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpg in 1998 and also won a Rockbjörnen award as "https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpgSwedish tuy nhiên of the Year"https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpg in 1998. On đôi mươi September 2017, the tuy nhiên was the topic at SVT:s Hitlåtens historia.more »

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I"https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpgm a big big girlIn a big big worldIt"https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpgs not a big big thing if you leave meBut I bởi vì do feelThat I vì do willMiss you muchMiss you muchI can see the first leafs fallingIt"https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpgs all yellow & niceIt"https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpgs so very cold outsideLike the way I"https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpgm feeling insideOutside it"https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpgs no rainingAnd tears are falling from my eyesWhy did it have to happenWhy did it all have to endI have your arms around meWarm like fireBut when I xuất hiện my eyesYour goneI"https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpgm a big big girlIn a big big worldIt"https://radiobalochi.org/loi-bai-hat-big-big-world/imager_2_22932_700.jpgs not a big big thingIf you leave meBut I doFeel I willMiss you muchmiss you much

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Emilia Emilia Valeva (Bulgarian: Емилия Вълева, born March 21, 1982), professionally known as Emilia (Емилия), is a Bulgarian pop folk singer. She has released five albums to lớn date. More »

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Written by: Emilia Hanna Rydberg, Lars Anderson

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