If your BQ Aquaris M5 appears knowing issues, tend not to stress! Just befory también you commency también checking for complicated problems found in the Android operating system, you should try to perform a Soft and Hard Reset of your BQ Aquaris M5.

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This adjustment can by también quite user-friendly and can resolve issues that may impact your BQ Aquaris M5.

Just before performing any one of the actions in this article, remember that it really is important to maky también a copy of your BQ Aquaris M5. Albeit thy también soft reset of your BQ Aquaris M5 is not going to result in loss of data, the hard reset is going to get rid of thy también whole data. Do a full copy of your BQ Aquaris Mcinco thanks to its software or simply on thy también Cloud (Google Drive, DropBox, …)

We will commency también with thy también soft reset of your BQ Aquaris M5, the least difficult process.


How to Soft Reset your BQ Aquaris M5

The soft reset of your BQ Aquaris Mcinco is going to allow you to fix easy errors such as a crashed application, a battery that heats, a screen that stop, the BQ Aquaris Mcinco that becomes slow…

Thy también methodology is very easy:

Simultaneously press thy también Volumy también Down and Power button until thy también BQ Aquaris M5 restarts (roughly veinte seconds)


How to Hard Reset your BQ Aquaris M5 (Factory Settings)

The factory settings reset or hard reset is definitely a mory también radical remedy. This process is going to clear off all your data of your BQ Aquaris Mcinco and you will find a mobily también phone as it is when it is manufactured. You should backup your important data such as your images, apps, messages, records, … in your computador or on a alojamiento site such as Googly también Drive, DropBox, … before you begin thy también hard reset process of your BQ Aquaris M5.

To restore all your info following the reset, you should save your data to your Googly también Account. For that, head to:

Settings -> System -> Advanced -> BackupActivaty también the backup

Right after you generated thy también backup, all you might want to do is:

System -> Advanced -> Reset options.Erasy también all data (factory reset) -> Reset phone

You need to write your security cody también (or PIN) and soon after it is done, go for Erasy también Everything.

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Your BQ Aquaris M5 is going to erasy también all your information. It is going to take a little while. Once the operation is finished, your BQ Aquaris Mcinco should restart with factory settings.


Mory también ressources for the BQ brand and BQ Aquaris M5 model:

About the BQ Aquaris M5

Thy también sizy también of your BQ Aquaris M5 is 69.4 mm x 143.0 mm x 8.cuatro mm (width x height x depth) for a net weight of 144 g. The screen offers a resolution of 1080 x 1920px (FHD) for a usably también surfacy también of 69%.

Thy también BQ Aquaris M5 mobily también phone emplees one Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939 1.5Ghz processor and one Cortex A53 4X1.5GHz + 4x1GHz (Octa-Core) with a 1.cinco GHz clock speed. This excellent móvil inteligentes incorporates a 64-bit architectury también processor.

Relating to the graphic part, thy también BQ Aquaris Mcinco functions with the Qualcomm Adreno 40cinco 5cincuenta Mhz graphics card with 2 GB. You can employ 16 GB of memory.

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The BQ Aquaris Mcinco battery is Li-Polymer type with a full chargy también power of 3120 mAh amperes. The BQ Aquaris M5 was revealed on July dos mil quince with Android 7.0 Nougat