In a country like the Philippines wherein a lot of people from all ages are hooked on asianovelas, it is no surprise that Crazy Little Thing called Love, a Thai movie that is constantly gaining popularity over cyberspace will be a hit. The movie was shown on Philippine TV last Sunday and was dubbed in Filipino. Being a tín đồ of the movie I watched it again, ‘though there were some cuts made due to lớn a limited time slot, I’m sure that a lot of viewers enjoyed watching the film especially those who watched it the first time. But for me, who watched the movie in its full length version I must admit that the movie’s entertainment value was diminished especially the parts of Teacher In. The movie surely created curiosity from its audience actually, before it was shown blog hits on my article about the movie were steadily rising & yesterday, I received 500 hits.

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Most of us are probably asking if there is a part 2 since the ending seems lớn be hinting some sequel. Honestly, I’ve been googling about it after I watched it và so far here is the most credible piece of information I managed to get from Wikipedia:


There are rumors that this film will have a sequel with the working title of First Love: The Sequel 9 Years Gone. This was confirmed by the director but still on the draft process and there is no official release date yet. Also, another rumor states that another sequel, First Love: The Proposal, is on plans & would follow that events after First Love: The Sequel 9 Years Gone.

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Hearsays also states that Mario Maurer and Fern Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon will reprise their roles.These rumors only proves that this film have a high impact on the pop culture not only in thailand but also to lớn other countries lượt thích Philippines.

Quite funny to chú ý that our country was specifically mentioned, as I said Thailand’s culture as shown is the movie is very much similar khổng lồ ours, so I guess most of us could truly relate to it not to mention that Filipinos are really into Asianovelas.

Going back lớn the possibility of a part 2, most movies with sequels fell short of people’s expectation because of the standards mix by the 1st part but I’m hoping that the second part of this story will give justice to lớn the first since they’ve already transcended from young love khổng lồ 9 years after. So I guess, the sequel will be focused on a real relationship, how are they going to giảm giá with its challenges.

Let’s just all hope that a sequel will materialize and that it will be worth the wait. For sure we all want to lớn see Mario Maurer & Baifern be together again