What awaits Kvitova month after month: He carried two most important fingers

Half a year without tennis! Such a prognosis uttered doctors who tenistce Petra Kvitova (26) »rescued« nicked his left hand he holds the racket. Knife during the attack hit all the fingers, most of which have won the most important – the thumb and forefinger.

Doctors know Peter can not guarantee that the courts will return without problems, but he believes he can do it. The surgeon Radek Kebrle described what it waits for the next few months.

Days after the operation
“In the coming days we will take care of impact issues. Rather, it will be a changing of bandages and control swelling. Wounds will heal slowly. “Roughly 14 days should be wound heal.

6-8 weeks
During this time they should join the severed tendon. “The hands will have a splint to keep the hand in roughly six to eight weeks, depending on how the situation will look like. When it comes to taking out the stitches will continue so. Mobilizations protected. Petra will be able to move his fingers so as not to risk what was stapling. ”

3 months
“We will gradually increase the range of motion of the fingers, after three months of work adds to muscle strength.” It is important that the tendons were matured and with a sufficiently strong.

6 months
“Peter will have to miss the long haul. The sports load can talk on the order of six months after the operation. ”