We stopped playing and was afraid to do something, Nečas said after the defeat

DIRECT FROM MONTREAL It was another unnecessary loss. The Czech juniors missed a chance on the scalp of the tough Danes, did not keep a tight lead, and eventually fell in prolongation. Similarly, as in the previous contest with the Swiss.

“We stopped playing with a puck, afraid to do something,” said the attacker Martin Nečas, who was one of the best Czech players in the third attack and scored his first goal in the tournament. Thanks to Sweden’s win over Finland, the Czech team has a quarter-finals and staying among the elite.

If you have gained at least two points, you may already have a quarterfinals. Do you have a lot of defeat when you played quite well?
“It’s a pity.We did well in the first third, had twelve shots in ten minutes, it worked well. But Denmark is a terribly tough opponent, standing in front of the gate, blocking and we stopped playing with the puck, afraid to do something. “What would you say about your goal? The puck literally pierced the goal line and lifted his hands over his head. The referees allowed the game to continue and the goal was confirmed by the video. Did you know that it was a goal?
“We went two to two, I told it to Monsieur Musil, he pushed it well in front of the gate. They did not hit it, put it in the concrete. The goalman had a puck on the goal line on the concrete and the players actually only patted his.I did it there and I saw it was about five centimeters behind the line. “

Would you like to add the second one, and another match would you play, do you agree?
< strong> “With such rivals, you need to go into the lead, for example, the two goals. They then attack and do not stop. It is a pity we did not add more goals in the first third. The second third was terrible on our part. We did not create anything, even though we gave the goal to 2: 1. They did not play it but they always made it, and they had a chance. But we retreated completely from our game. “

What did you say in the cab after the game?
” We wanted the second extra point. That could be the first place after the match with the sport betting Swedes, although it is still possible this way.That’s what we should have in our own hands. Pity, we must fight further. “

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