The brewery believes that Pilsen is using great experience against Razgrad

Coach Roman Pivarnik believes that Pilsen players in the fourth leg of the Champions League with Razgrad will use the rich experience of the cups and the recent Euro in France. Before the Wednesday duel in Bulgaria, the 42-year-old coach sees the greatest power of Ludogorce in individuality and straightforwardness.

“Experience must be picked up and picked up by Victorian European Cups and the European Championships. .I hope that even we will be able to give the experience to the match, “said Pivarník, whose team played LM in 2011 and 2013. Razgrad according to Pivarník will be a bit different from Karabach, which Czech champion In the third pre-league he was eliminated after 0: 0 at home and 1: 1 in Baku. “Karabach has football based on team performance, holding a lot of ball. Razgrad is more straightforward, trying every moment to play perpendicular to the gate, being more dangerous in individual technique and throughs. It’s hard to concentrate on a single player, “ said Pivarník.

The Bulgarian champion has seven Brazilian footballers plus a naturalized Cancer Marcelinha. The match does not do anything, they play without hindrance and try to assert themselves individually.But they are emotional players, and if they fail, it may have a bad influence on them “, considered the Pivarník.

The match will take place at the Vasil Levsky National Stadium in Sofia because Ludogorec Arena Does not meet UEFA’s playoff standards and base group. “Of course, it can play a role. We will see how many spectators will come to the game as they will cheer. “ said the former coach of Jihlava, Olomouc or Bohemians 1905.

The LM Group has tried as a Rapid Vienna footballer, after ten years wants to be among the European Elite return as a coach. “It’s motivation, few Czech coaches have played the Champions League. Recently only Pavel Vrba. It is motivation for all of us and we will do everything to be there.Of course we have the European League, but we all want to play the Champions League, “said Pivarník.