SSC Neapol – Chievo Verona 2:0

Naples Players fulfilled the role of favorite in a rehearsal for the next Champions League defeat tough Chievo 2: 0th Everything important has happened already during the first half, which was pushed through Gabbiadini and Hamšík.

The home team was a big favorite, and this role began soon after the opening whistle to fulfill. Opening quarter, although was full of inaccuracies, but then began to grow chances, especially on the domestic side. In 17.minutě he has jumped on Ghoulamův cross Callejon and Sorrentino had to scrape for a corner kick. A few minutes later another handsome home showcase event, this time with a goal statement. Hamšík beautifully found Callejon, who immediately under him Gabbiadiniho urged that swift shot at the rod gave Sorrentino no chance – 1: 0 for Napoli. Home calmed down and soon humiliated Chievo defense again. Hamšík took over at the border offside balloon and a great blow to the goalpost increased to 2: 0th

Chievo It was difficult, in Naples after the first half was losing 0: 2 to close Rein scored with virtually lacking. Moreover, even after changing sides continued Parthenopei in activity. Zielinski hit a good defensive opponent and Callejon headed right next door.

Only in 72.minutě Chievo created a first chance, Floro Flores acted alone on the goalkeeper, but Koulibaly caught up with him and eventually he even made it impossible to finish. Stadio San Paolo ultimately not offered another goal, Naples and fulfilled the role of favorite and won over Chievo 2: 0th