Sparta won a hunt for the Tigers. The record O2 arena was again the fifth song

That would make it a nice Christmas-New Year habit? Sparta between the holidays in three home games won three times and scored three goals three times. The modern Libeňská hall was the favorite song Fifth, whose fifth goal on the opponent’s net belonged to the Prague ensemble even in Holešovice.

A song known for example from the musical film The Rebels also liked the Canadian striker Curtis Hamilton, words do not understand much. “Yeah, I love you,” he said in an interview for the club website. “I do not even know what a song is, but I like it.Just like most of the music that’s played here. “

Spartan domestic well-being has also been confirmed against the strong Liberty, which despite the defeat is endlessly reigning the extralig table. “Liberec is a super team, but when we play a super game, it’s hard to beat us,” said Slovene Robert Sabolic.

The two aliens on the tournament have played a major role in the triumph. The Tigers have had respect at the start of the game, since Liberec won 10 times in a row, 14 points in the first place. “They do, they’re in the lauf, they play fine. Even here they played great, they skated, they had chances, but we used them unlike them, “said Lukáš Klimek, a good-looking striker who did a good job of 2: 1 and 3: 1.Both gates were dropped from the front area after the winning bull. “We are doing a lot of training,” the Spartans said.

Praguers said they had managed to change the game approach to the latter with Litvinov. “There we have not so much been skipped and not fighting as now,” Sabolic said.

And then there is a fact that pleased the hockey players and Sparta’s management: a match with Liberec watched 11,115 spectators, the highest visit to the O 2 arena. Over ten thousand viewers also came to Mountfield in Hradec.

The average visit to the Spartan home match is 6,824.Maybe the Spartan fans in the new habit and after the old hall in Holešovice are so depressing.

Until last season, Slavia was home for ten years, but fell to the first league and returned to Eden. The basic average for the whole period was 5,173. Since the 2004/2005 season, when it seemed to have impressed the “novelty” effect (similarly to Sparta) and the 7,666 fans on the O 2 arena, the number was down to a poor 3,892.

Sparta was also the only team in the current year to score in every home game. “We used to say before the season that we will make a fortress here, which we are doing,” Klimek said. Sabolic thanked the fans: “They were great. They helped us a lot.It will give the whole team a great deal of extra energy. “

Together, they can sing Fifth on Wednesdays when Sparta hosts Zlín.