Satan knows if he played the last game. Club may be yes

BRATISLAVA. Hockey striker Miroslav Šatan can be played on Monday, the last game career, a final decision has not yet been made.

Even after the December arrival at Slovan Bratislava captain said world champions in 2002, that this season is likely to be his last. After falling in the Cup hopes with Dinamo Minsk refused to make premature conclusions.

“I do not want now to reflect and think about it, it is only five minutes after the end of the game. Now I’m determined not to change my words that probably will end.I leave you but the time I need a few weeks or months and definitely would do about until the summer, “said Miroslav Šatan. Čada the players they want

Many hockey players also play at a much older age than star Slav. Players Slovan coach Rostislav Čada are clear – we would see Šarkyho play well next season.

Center Juraj Mikúš said that Satan is too young to end up with hockey.

“It depends who he compares. They pull even older players, so it’s certainly possible as to the physiological site. And the performance it was.Practically the last three or four seasons to say it one more year, half-year. I do not want anything with hot head said. I’ll take a couple of weeks and then I’ll see, “he added.Perhaps more MS in Belarus

Tridsaťdeväťročný native Topoľčian could still figure in the nomination of Slovakia on the May world championship in Belarus.

A week ago, he met with national coach Vladimir Vůjtek and agreed to another meeting after healing general manager Team SR Otta Sýkoru.

Until then, Satan will not comment on its representational future.

After Monday’s fight with Dinamo Minsk was disappointed that the season ended quickly.She began only in December, yet no regrets later entry.

“It was the result of several factors – a jammed communication with the Slavs and my health, as I could after month break in the summer just to jump in training and I needed more time. I did everything as best I could, given my situation and circumstances, “said Satan.

“For me it’s been probably the last season and looks like it was probably my last game at club level. Final but not yet, I decided. As they say, never say never,” he said.