Poprad smashed comfortably Zvolen: It was decided in the first third

POPRAD – The lukewarm ice-hockey game was played under the Tatra Mountains. Elected to the middle, the “chamois” was comfortable and held the puck mostly klađenje uživo na tenis on their sticks. Kroták prepared for Mlynarovič’s first chance, but his bekhend from the difficult position ended up above the goal. They played home in a 5-to-3 advantage, and Mlynarovič and Krotákom exchanged this role, and the shot from the blue second ended finally ended behind Šimko. Zvolen goalkeeper continued to work, and on 15th minute for the second time he shot the puck from the net, when Vaic scored exactly 2: 0. Even this hit did not hurt, they continued to play very lukewarmly, and before going to the booth, Sýkora raised the lead in three goals.

The dominance of “chamois” continued in the middle.Poprad guarded his leadership, combined with the report and did not let the Zvolencans into a more onslaught. They did not resist the power-ups, so they could fall again. The fourth goal was played by hockey defender Malina, his son from blue crowned Šimka’s hand. At the end of the second third, the guests defended twice for the second time in the match and Vaic was able to raise twice from the right, once his puck stopped the construction, the second projectile of the Poprad hockey player, the elected goalkeeper was effectively hidden in the catcher. Lapansky finished with a klakson in a separate leak, but Šimko again held up.

The third third was just over and many spectators did not watch.

47 minutes into the game, Safronov was given a sporadic chance, but he did not have much chance to score.Popradčania specatili his win in the 55th minute when Drábek from the gate took Belluš and was 4: 0. Elected at least for an honest success, Makovsky literally took Škvaridlova to Masalskis, but the Latvian goalkeeper did not give up zero and with his attentive performance brought “chamois” to a comfortable victory at zero.

Milan Jančuška, coach of Poprad: “We fight at the distance from Piešťany for the fourth place, the start of the meeting decided, the pace then fell and the game was scrapped.

Jaroslav Török, coach assistant Chosen: “From our point of view, it was Online sportsko klađenje a very important game, progress to play off.However, the performance we have made does not bring such criteria and we have nothing to do in the play off. “

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