Play-off: Piešťany today opens a series with Košice

BRATISLAVA. On Monday begins the first semifinal series Kosice – Piestany, from Wednesday play against Nitra, Banská Bystrica. A pair of Kosice – Piestany will meet in the play-off for the first time in history.

Six-time champion z Košíc not play on paper several reasons. Last year, mishandled the final elected, two years ago the Slavs, which with the Slovak Extraliga farewell triumph in seven games on ice its biggest rival.

And there is the personality of 39-year-old captain Martina Štrbáka, which in Kosice jersey still not honored title, though it gained from Vsetin and Russian Yaroslavl.

“But in the finals, we must first receive.We now have in their heads only name semifinal opponent from Piestany. Absolutely I do not see it as the rival powerhouses and we’re in the final. Piestany is not by chance got the second consecutive semi-finals. They have a very well elaborated system, we go to them with humility and respect, but also with due self-confident. “I just have fun

Piešťanský coach Milan Klement not like formulas that it going to take, or have fun hockey and they have nothing to lose.

“Of course, a clear favorite to Kosice. We will try to upsetting a rival to beat.I do not want that we lost the series 0: 4, because I do not like I get hockey ‘canary’. Handing opponents certainly will not. “

Košice have on their roster much more resonant names of most of Piešťany played tense meeting in the playoff Tibor Melichárek.

Piešťany Assistant coach Roman Sýkora however that the offensive strength of the team is distributed to all formations. “Each has mastered rapid transition and middle range attackers before wicket opponent unnecessarily does not free the puck.” Goalie Dilemma

Piešťanský trainers have a pleasant dilemma of whom to build into the goal from the beginning.Martin Šúrek vychytal in the quarterfinals duel Poprad two zeros in a row, Tomáš Tomek was great especially last year. Košice is the goalkeeping post even more experience – a unit Rastislav Stan’s Alexandr Hylák.

Kosice side is questionable start striker Tomáša Marcinka, who consult their health with doctors. Monday’s and Tuesday’s semi Kosice – Piestany begin at 17.00, live them sends RTVS.