Peťo, come on! Kvitova encouraged former coach Kotyza finalists Extraliga

Petro, we are with you! They sent a clear message to the tennis Prostejov their parťačce Petra Kvitova, who is expected to win the Extraliga mixed teams. Tennis player, who is recovering from Tuesday’s ambush and after surgery pořezaných tendons courts will miss at least half a year, is in fact a member of the club in Prostejov, and several of the last nine titles in a row participated. This time Prostejov defeated Sparta Prague 6: 2 matches on without her. Both teams then Petra Kvitova sent a touching message.

“Petra is an icon of Prostejov tennis, he won two Wimbledon and if anyone from our team becomes something so awful, logically it hits us very severely. We condemn this attack, but what is most important now, wish Peter a speedy recovery and to return as soon as possible on the courts. It is now most important. We won the title for her, include Peter, it is important for us, “he said after the final Prostejov captain Jaroslav Navratil.

Winners and losers after the final tournament took a picture together with a banner “We think of you. We are with you “and photo Petra Kvitova . The fact that the finals would be played, but did not think in Prostejov.

“We talked about how before the game what happened, so during the day, but the final extra-league sporting events. It must be distinguished. I’m glad we made it up to the victorious end and we won for Peter, “he repeated Navratil.

He also praised former coach David Kotyza Petra Kvitova. “He was wearing a shirt that we support her, and it was from him a very good gesture,” he acknowledged the non-playing captain of the Czech Davis Cup team. All apparently believes that Kvitova back where it belongs.

“That’s the most important thing, because if you do vcítíme her fate, what a player and among the world’s top five, for it is breaking at this injury career. We’ll all have faith that it will heal quickly, it’s a young girl, and they were soon back among us. The training and tournaments. ”

Finalists tennis Extraliga remotely encouraged Petra Kvitova, t-shirt with the inscription Peťo come dressed and her former coach David Kotyza

Prostejov tennis dominated by Extraliga since 2007 (in 2009, the competition for Davis Cup final played before) and had a total of fourteen fight for trophies.

“Every year, our very prestigious and we try to defend the position of the best club in the Czech Republic. The number is fantastic and it’s a great work of players and club facilities,” said team coach and former Prostejov fifth world player Jiri Novak of the Czech Television.

Initially final but faltered a little favorite. Slovak Norbert Gomboš was able to secure the first point, but then surprisingly lost to Barbora Strycova and Jiri Vesely. The turnover was followed by the singles taken care of Lucie Safarova , Adam Pavlásek and Slovakian Martin Klizan, they added a crucial point in the doubles with men Vesely Klizan.

About one of the surprises take care Marek Michalička. Currently 355th player ATP rankings, which since September coached at the University of the US, defeated three hundred places above her Vesely 6: 2 and 6: 3rd “A few years ago I climbed here (German) Florian Mayer, who was still higher than Jirka, so this is my second best result,” said Michalička.

Three sets needed to win Pavlásek and Gomboš, while certainly won Klizan and Safarova, who rose to 4: 2 after the victory over a Swiss Stefanie Vögele. “After a long time I’ve played in the hall, because I completed training in Florida. It’s good to play a match before traveling to Australia,” said Safarova.

Happy playing left hand, and Prostejov Klizan sealed the triumph by winning the doubles pair of Michalička, Michal final 6: 2 and 7: 6th “Extraliga is extraordinary and I am glad I can be there,” said Vesely. Pavlásek with Gombos won after visiting a couple of Vocel, Papik after the first set skrečoval.

Toys Prostejov is Petra Kvitova, who usually plays the drums finals, but this time the team was not due to fatigue fracture of the foot. After Tuesday’s robbery at her apartment also has a nicked his hand and fingers after surgery can not play tennis at least half a year.

Sparta advanced to the finals for the first time since 2000, when it won the title for the ninth time. Before that won, for example, even with the help of Martina Navratilova, Jana Kodeš, Hana Mandlikova and Renata Tomanova in the years 1970-1974, 1976, 1978 and 1980.