Nadal once again dominates world tennis

BRATISLAVA. He ended the era of Roger Federer and starts to finally Naďalová? All this suggests lefthand Spaniard to heal injured knee and a great form of confirmed triumph at Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

After 2008 he succeeded the second time in his career and consolidate your rightful place as a world leader. “Mental strength is what drives Rafa forward. On the big tournament you can not play the great all seven matches. The true champions know when take, and it is no longer taught. Monitor its performance is experience, “commented the Daily Telegraph Spaniards utopian Boris Becker.At the end of the tournament has played as on clay

“It has always been my goal to play best on all surfaces and to win Wimbledon is something that you dream already as a young boy,” quoted Nadal The Guardian. “The first week is the the grass is always difficult moves, but in the second week is already grass at the baseline zošúchaná, so you can move like on clay, “said dvadsaťštyriročný tennis player.

gave Nadal in the final at the All England Club a chance to Tomas Berdych, who on the way to a career result eliminated Federer and Djokovic. Čech tried. After the bungled the first set found again the strength of its service, but an opponent that was enough.The world unit has hypnotized the Czech debt whenever it needed it, and with the increased aggression it got the necessary fiftin. Wimbledon finals between Nadal and Berdych

“Everything that makes Nadal great on clay was able to move on hard surfaces. He does not make any mistakes and takes every chance, “he said after the Berdych final.

The Czech tennis player has the best career time when he got to Roland Garros in the semifinals and even further in Wimbledon. After a long time in the eighteenth place, when he moved to the eighth barrage (highest in career).

However, the King of Tennis is once again a popular Rafa after two years.He could improve his game almost to perfection. It is not only a defensive player who is waiting for the opponent’s fault, but the pressure from the base line forces the opponent to make an error or end the attack by a winning stroke. Especially his forhend has world parameters. Nadal plays him with an improbable rotation, forcing the opponent to return a high-pitched hit and hardly to attack him.

The native of Mallorca has earned the eighth grandslam title at the age of 24, and at the beginning of September, he can complete the collection of all “big squares” at the US Open.Missing only the title of US Open

In New York, however, he played on concrete and continue to do the biggest problems, not so much a game as the pressure on his knees, for which he had already put in a long career break.

“I’ll do to prepare everything to me to be successful even in New York. It’s one of my main challenges, “concluded Nadal.

Although Federer already has in recent months also standing as a few years ago, remains, combined with the king last year. For both players clearly show the statistics . Since 2005 it took place 23 Grand Slam tournaments, including the Swiss Spaniard triumphed incredible twenty times.Nadal at Wimbledon showed that this series is not going to end.