ME at Athletics: The Bába Champion is seventh, jumping 224 centimeters

Jan Tesař, Pavel Maslak, Michal Desensky and Patrik Šorm have won the 4th place at the European Championship in Amsterdam for 3: 03.86 minutes. Fourth could not follow the Czech record from 3: 02,66 and closed the door to the Olympic Games. The time spent ranks the Czech Republic at 21.Instead of Rio, sixteen teams were qualified.

Fourth place runners took, but time was hurt. “We wanted to run faster, which we did not, so the feelings are mixed,” replied Finishman Sorm. “The Olympics will be frozen, but at least we have a motivation for the next few years, and we will definitely try to try it in four years,” he said.

The European deputy Maslák has four foursides at the European Championship but has assured that in the race Gave everything. “We have the potential, we are young, in the years to come it is a promise,” he said.Generation of Czech four-legged boys has several talents, in the relay won the bronze in the hall ME 2013 in Göteborg and last year in Prague.

According to the times, Czech runners had a slightly worse time than the record run. “I was doing so strangely, I could not compare it very much. I could not hit the pace, it was kind of fluctuating,” Desensky said in the third section.

The grandfather took the seventh place

The height of Jaroslav Bába occupied the seventh place with 224 centimeters. Italian champion Gianmarco Tamberi, who jumped 232 cm, was the Italian champion.

Bába had two successful attempts at heights of 219 and 224 centimeters, but he dropped another successive height 229 twice.He made his third attempt at 232 cm, which would mean a great chance for a medal, but he did not succeed, even if his jump was not hopeless.

“I was so satisfied, but today was not my day,” Baba said. “I had to risk the 232 because 229 would not solve anything in my case but there were no forces,” he acknowledged. He would like to work on techniques. “I hope I can jump on Rio, I know I can jump 230,” said the bronze Olympic medalist from Athens 2004. Trojskokanka Lucie Majkova finished twelfth, the title was won by Portugal Patricia Mamona in the national record 14, 58 m.

Maybe the first two jumps failed, in the third series it improved to 13.70 meters, so it was the final in the final.The 8-minute finals had to show a performance of 14.03 meters, which would mean a 24-centimeter improvement in the personal record for Májková. Vrabcová-Nývltová has three winter Olympics, including the fifth place in the jogging at 30 Miles in Sochi, but the great athletic event has seen its premiere today. In time of 1:12:01 it lags less than a minute behind its personal record of the Prague Half Marathon April. While the trio of medalists escaped significantly from the Drazdauskaite Race Litevka, a thirty-year-old Czech striker at the finish only 14 seconds. “Absolute satisfaction, I wanted a little closer to the personal record, but the experience to run in the race with women is big,” Vrabcová-Nývltová said.

Only city races have been run, and for the first time tested the atmosphere of great athletics action.Vrabcovou-Nývltová, who decided to give priority to skiing athletics, is waiting for preparation for the Olympic marathon in Rio de Janeiro.

“I think this race has certainly met the expectation of the Riem test,” she said. He knows he has to work on the finishers, because today his rivals have fled before the end. “The start came slower, but the final acceleration is a bit missing, we have a bit of work ahead of us, we see where the reserves are, and we have plenty of time to do something about it, I appreciate it positively,” she said. > It seems that the cross-country skiing of Eva Vrabcová-Nývltová in the athlete is probably definitely finished. A thirty-year-old steadfast has absorbed the running world so much that it does not think about skis.In the following winter season, it is definitely not at the top level to race and is not even sure if they ever return to them again. Her second, purely athletic season, made her eighth place in the half marathon at the European Championships and is preparing for the Olympic marathon in Rio.

“Never say never, but at that moment I do not think about it and enjoy athletic life. At Christmas and New Year’s Eve at home, maybe I’ll go to the ball in the winter, that’s my dream, “said a Czech cross-country woman in Amsterdam. “This year’s winter season is definitely not going to happen. I can go some Czech race, but I will not prepare for it.It was an amazing experience today, and I’m so glad to say that I am a real athlete, “she said.

Focus on speed

Another change in her life will be the study of sports and “It’s fantastic, I’m starting to enjoy life,” she said, not studying before, because she spent the entire autumn on the glaciers and the whole winter on the road. “So I enjoy my life with everything. Suddenly I have a lot of time. I’m going to the cinema, training fine, I plan to start some work. Running now makes sense to me, “she said.

Her training base is Livigno, a town high up on the Italian border with Switzerland, two weeks before Amsterdam and preparing again for Riem.Livigno runs volumes at a higher altitude, but now it will have to work on the speed that was missed at the end of the race today. Apparently, some athletic trainers will be approached, and there has been talk of a long-standing relationship with Jarmila Kratochvílová.

“Speed ​​training is the main thing we are going to do now, not only to Rio, , That athletic career is not intermezzo. She needs to run too, even on skis, she belonged rather among the pace racers with a worse finish. “So far, we have no experience, so now it’s a lot to study,” she acknowledged.

The 15-year-long skier world is now a thing of the past.The athletic team rehearses the energy. “I’m planning to go through the center now and finally to enjoy the atmosphere at the stadium, I have never complained about the ski races,” she said after the race. “The atmosphere in the Czech team is somewhere else and I’m so happy to be here,” she said.

The European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam: >

< 1. Abraham (Switzerland) 1:02:03, 2. KK Özbilen (Tur.) 1:02:27, 3. Meucci (It.) 1:02:38,…59. Kocourek 1:08:00, 64. Homoláč 1:08:34, 79. Dymák 1:10:55, 82. Pavlišta (all of the Czech Republic) 1:11:58.

Half Marathon: 1. Moreiro (Portugal) 1:10:19, 2. Inglese (It.) 1:10:35, 3.Augusto (Portugal) 1:10:55,…8. Vrabcová-Nývltová (CZ) 1:12:01.