Klopp Strikes Back: Why should we let Neville speak on TV?

In England wakes up one big rivalry. Gary and Phil Neville sharply embarked Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius who in recent matches showed unconvincing performances. The words of former players of Manchester United, who both work as a television experts, resented the coach “Reds” Jürgen Klopp. “Of course, the Neville brothers Liverpool do not like, I’m here again from that to protect its players,” he told a news conference.

German goalkeeper Karius on himself lately highlights unconvincing performances. When you lose in Bournemouth (3: 4) and Sunday’s draw with West Ham (2: 2) had a significant share several goals and collected on the field caused much conviction. “It transmits anxiety to the whole team,” he said after the match with Bournemouth Gary Neville. “It kills the team on the pitch,” said Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher.

Young goalkeeper received criticism difficult and recalled the recent failed engagement to Gary Neville in Valencia. “The coach was a moment and suddenly is back again as an expert,” marveled Karius. Such behavior is grossly disliked Carragher, who sent a message to his former team goalkeepers, “My advice to him would be: Shut up and do your job.”

That was well enough to coach Klopp, who decided to protect his charge. “Most of the former players seem to have forgotten about how they felt when they were under fire. Especially Neville Brothers. Who ever was a coach, he should certainly know that too much criticism does not help anyone, “said the coach.

The rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United is huge and it seems that the last days would give her new charge. “It is clear to me that the Neville brothers do not like Liverpool. Gary showed that he could not assess the players as a coach, so why we should let him speak on TV? “He asked sarcastically Klopp.

“By the way tell Gary that I do not Twitter. So if he wants to say something, the social network will not help, “said Klopp. “Criticism is normal, I’m not surprised. My job is to protect players, “he concluded. Foreplay before the investigation started the game in advance, on January 15 with Liverpool is present at Old Trafford.