Klopp as Guardiola! The players changed diet expert took Bayern

A vigorous changes Pepa Guardiola, Manchester City players who banned sugary drinks and pizza are already know. Now came to the surface, that the revolution in nutrition has performed his fellow coach Jürgen Klopp. The summer dragged from Bayern Munich Specialist Mona Nemmerovou that fundamentally changed the orders in the cadre “reds”.

“Food for the players vary. For example, goalkeepers not run as much as reservists or even Brazilians are accustomed to a different type of breakfast than English are required. Everything is therefore adjusted according to the cultures of different somatotypes and gaming positions, “he says in an interview with the German nutritional counselor. “We have players who are more focused on protein and others turn to other components of the diet,” he adds.

Changing your diet is among the players Liverpool positive feedback. Some even in their free time begging Nemmerovou order to give them a personal cooking lesson and be able to prepare special meals at home.

“We do our work with local and seasonal products,” says Kloppova specialist. “We want to focus on normal food and to maintain the highest nutritional value.”

But if you think that Sturridge et al. chroustají carrots when traveling between stadiums and hotels, you’re wrong. Nemmerovou not a problem for the players to prepare, for example, a popular chocolate pudding. At the same time, however, it raises a warning finger. . “We need him to use rice or almond milk, no powder and mainly use high-quality cocoa, which does not contain sugar. Instead they can use molasses in the finals and have a completely different looking product, “he says.

Liverpool players and they themselves first-class service. The training center in Melwood have four meals a day. I get a job manager Klopp praised his compatriot and even along thinking about that at Anfield had their own grocery store or write down your own cookbook.

“We can build the best nutritional department in the world,” says the coach the whole second Premier League and he adds: “I’m not the type of person who would be proud to everything, but this work I am really happy.”