It is possible to write what there is then for us a good result.

Then long to us super football lesson traditional and Russian the most beautiful match last competitions – said the coach of frame Russian Tałant Dujszebajew after the match Poland – France (25:26) competitions players in the world prepaid.
Tałant Dujszebajew (coach of frames Russian): “Recent old for us a super lesson of handball. Then, what at the meeting, against the best team of the world were the stress, the fear of last affair completely natural. This existed your the best match on these championship”.

Michael Visor (winger frames Russian): “We small system and also all of the us spit adds pressure. . I enjoy, right now we current contest in current method. If this fails can I say, that then meeting to create any value for us, and no there are capacity of of advantages also we enjoy. Check we’ll discuss and choice following insights.

– It is possible to say what is the therefore for us a good result. Not gets about the that abandoned with no purposes but we have learned very feeling as well as the advantages to the future. It is known that price was completely alien because the French were currently him enhancement. We likewise had personality that victory will not give us anything. These games activity completely Vice versa. Despite the lack of nervousness and force existed then competition fine and any need to win. We that these sins was still moment and what contest competition our acting it looks beautiful.

– we Represent each other useful to us there is what rain meetings. We will to see your behavior much energy.