Hradec at the Spengler Cup ends. In the quarterfinals, lost to Canada 1:5

“That defeat is high. In Canada, we have carefully prepared, but it did not work out in that regard that we wanted to settle the game shorthanded. Canada has an excellent power play and the game’s only confirmed it. We had too many exclusions and Canada we five goals just put three on the power play, “he commented the duel coach Vaclav Sykora Hradec Kralove.

While Canada had after the defeat of Minsk (4:7) and a home win over Davos 4:3 Wednesday as a day of rest, Mountfield joined to the third duel for three days. Perhaps because they had to help out Východočeši often fouls. In the first period they were in the penalty box four times, for which he is punished Ebbett in the fifth minute and 19 seconds before the first break Noreau.

Introduction of the second period power play looked like the other Canadians, even though they played at full strength on both sides. Prolonged pressure overseas group brought a huge opportunity Genowaye, but the ferret Kacetl. During the game, four on each side added the third goal after 34 minutes Gormley.

“Everything emerged from the first period, when we are just vlítli, we played a lot of weakness and they gave us the power play scored two goals. Then we had the game open, pushing more to finish and try to renumber, which resulted in errors defense, and Canadians from that added more goals, “said the striker Rudolph the Red losers.

Canada then played almost half a minute five on three, but 40 seconds before going to the cabin that was contrary Bednar, who terrific blow fell.

At the beginning of the third period he was expelled Dietz and Východočeši for it again paid dearly when Floodovu stamped cleaned up promptly shot back at Kacetlova Raymond. About 37 seconds later in front of the goal area of ​​the Czech team he found the fastest disk Paré increased to 5: 1st

“We had to his credit a total of 20 penalty minutes, which is too much. And with such a quality team not in such numbers exclude win,” said Red, whose team had difficulties to adjust especially when considering interventions stick.

After 55 minutes, could still reduce Bednar, separate escape but ended nedůrazným backhand that goalie Fucal safely read. This moment, however, it could not change the fact that Canada in Friday’s semifinals repeat duel with Minsk. In the second semifinal duel comes to Lugano with Swiss derby Davos, who defeated Yekaterinburg 3: 1st

“While the first period was clear and there was a series of four exclusions in the second period, the game settled and we had a power play and we did. We had also some chances, but failed to use them and download the gap of more than 1: 3. right at the start of the third period, we then got the fourth goal again in the weakening and it was decided, “said the coach Sykora.