How did Sagan meet Kreuziger? This will be my bed, he told him years ago

DIRECT FROM FRANCE The titanic work that Peter Sagan made on the Tour de France for Romana Kreuziger on Saturday’s strenuous day and set him the way to fight for the final tenth place was not born just overnight. These two riders have known themselves for years, they are close to each other and can meet each other when it is needed.

The first meeting took place at the turn of 2009 and 2010, when Kreuziger was in the Liquigas and Sagan He started with road cycling. “I’m Peter Sagan and this will be my bed,” said Kreuziger, who was surprised when the team leadership was staying together.

> It was classical Sagan – he did not mind his head.Legendary Fabian Cancellar managed to call his first Tour de France when he got away with him. “I want to defeat you and win the stage, take care of it,” he told the Swiss immediately on the road.

Sprinter was pulling up the hill

Outside the road Sagan is used to not take anything seriously. He likes to shoot clips in which he imitates well-known films, and he dances like John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, or he shoots wood in the snow like Rocky. But once he has his starting number on his back, he’s totally reliant on him. It was a great respect for Kreuziger’s satisfaction on Saturday’s fulfillment of his desire.

“I myself had a green jersey for sure, it was not for the sake of saving. When I’m here, I’m not going to just drive, do I?We are the team, “said Sagan on Sunday afternoon before the start of the final stage.