Guardiola confirmed his reputation as a dog. City Stars can not enjoy Christmas, they will work hard

Spanish soccer coach Pep Guardiola confirmed that work is for him in the first place. And even in the case when it comes to the Christmas holiday. His charges at Manchester City announced a plan for the next day, which with time off does not count much. Their families and the players almost do not apply.

The team will meet for training on Christmas Day as well as Dec. 25, which in England is the main Christmas feast. “In the afternoon, we will go by bus to Hull,” said the coach. There, his team is waiting on Monday League duel.

Guardiola, renowned for its work commitment, clearly stated: “We will prepare for the match as if it were no Christmas. There are no special days.”

Festive game time for him yet novelty, because in their previous action in Barcelona and Bayern Munich had the league at the end of each break. In England, on the other hand, this period even busier and City are waiting for eight days, three games. After Hull board’s Eve against Liverpool and Burnley on January 2 hosts. These two engagements while sharing or 48 hours.

The coach even asked about the experience of players such as David Silva, as this remarkable hitched load. “I am here first year. I did not know that there are people around soccer in the winter and during Christmas still must concentrate, concentrate, concentrate on your work. At home you celebrate over dinner, at lunch … We must be ready,” said Guardiola.

City team belongs in the Premier League in third position at first Chelsea loses seven points.