Get started on Friday. There will be new rules in hockey extralige

BRATISLAVA. Wrestling of Slovak Ice Hockey Tipsport extraligy will lead 14 main and 18 bar referee, which will be supplemented by referees from abroad.

The judges of the Slovak Ice Hockey Association chose the best men in striped, who had to adapt to radical changes in the rules.

The base of the extralig will be decided by a system with three men in striped, with the exception of duels with arbiters from abroad.

IIHF is trying to make the game more attractive for viewers to make more goals and more tedious action. In the summer, there were changes to the rules and technical changes in the rules that concerned the mantinel, protective plexiglass or the shift of the blue line closer to Wednesday.There was a narrowing of the middle band.

“According to the studies, seventeen percent of the match was in the middle band, which was not attractive.The shifting of the blue line gives space to the offensive laden teams, “explained referee referee Peter Ország.

After the new one, the player of the team, which is closer to the goal, Which has a significant impact on hockey, is the introduction of a hybrid hijacking rule that was first tested in North America and introduced into the NHL.

“Hybrid Forbidden Release is a combination of the previous automatic and touchback used in the past. Linear judges will have to evaluate the position of the attacking and defending player on the imaginary line of the throwing circles and decide whether or not to continue the game after the puck passes through the goal line, which after the new call is also the forbidden line, “explains Peter Ország .

The Extraliga has started on Tuesday night with SR 20 with Poprad.Five rounds of the opening round are played on Friday, September 12th.

Vladimir Baluska, Tomas Bundil, Peter Jonak, Branislav Jura, Daniel Konc, Juraj Konc, Jozef Kubus, Rudolf Lauff, Peter Loksik, Robert Muller, Milan Novak, Tomas Orolin, Peter. Stano, Miroslav Štefík Farsi judges: Roman Bednár, Andrej Bogdan, Rastislav Gajan, Róbert Gavalier, Tomas Holienka, Martin Jobbágy, Martin Junek, Lukáš Kacej, Martin Korba, Michal Orolin, Tibor Rovensky, Slavomir Scesny, Peter Šefčík, Martin Smrek, Matus Stanzel, Jozef Tvrdoň, Matej Tvrdoň, Roman Výlet