English football legend, won be showcased in Poprad

The penalty kick: 4: 2 – 1 Németh – 1: 0, 2 Smicer – 1: 1, 3 Hapal – 2: 1, 4 Ehiogu – 2: 2, 5 Hipp – 3: 2, 6. Hendrie – gave, Moravčík 7 – 4: 2, 8 Litmanen – gave

POPRAD. National Training Center in Poprad hosted the Friday match between Czech-Slovak football legends and legends Premier League.

of football be showcased better mastered by visitors who enjoyed the victory of 2: 1. After the match came to a number and penalty shootout, which managed better legends Czech Republic and Slovakia in the ratio of 4: 2nd

Already in the 2nd minute, he got to the end of the head Saha, but did not beat Maier.Three minutes later he fired his volley Moravcik a hooked Németh, but keeper Jones performed a nice surgery.

The course had more of the game Premier League legend, but a chance to develop domestic paradoxically, after a bend Karhana beat him in 18 minutes Jonesove gloves Németh. Guests threatened two minutes later Scharner only hit the side net.

Guests pushed his opponent in 31 minutes, Cole did not beat his head Maier, who pushed the ball to a corner. Two minutes before the end of the first half scored Mendieta, sent the ball shot the exactly the right goalpost – 1: 0th

Both teams started the second act with modified assemblies. Czech and Slovak legend got in 40thMinute advantage of a direct kick. Zvara stood at the ball and made a 1-1 draw in almost 20 meters.

The guests responded in 49 minutes with the chance of Molsa, who trailed the left hand of the Seman Gate. At 51 minutes, the main referee ordered a penalty kick for Hendrie’s penalty kick. The ball was built by Litmanen on the white point, but Seman wiped his shot to the left.

In 61 minutes, Mendieta defeated Mendieta with a cross shot to the right hand and leaned the weight bow again to Legian Premier League – 1: 2.

In the 63rd minute, Seman was struck by the end of Shmicer. 67 minutes into the match, Janočko was able to draw Jonesa’s lead, but the score was unable to get back. Voices: