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Klopp Strikes Back: Why should we let Neville speak on TV?

In England wakes up one big rivalry. Gary and Phil Neville sharply embarked Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius who in recent matches showed unconvincing performances. The words of former players of Manchester United, who both work as a television experts, resented

Guardiola confirmed his reputation as a dog. City Stars can not enjoy Christmas, they will work hard

Spanish soccer coach Pep Guardiola confirmed that work is for him in the first place. And even in the case when it comes to the Christmas holiday. His charges at Manchester City announced a plan for the next day, which

Klopp as Guardiola! The players changed diet expert took Bayern

A vigorous changes Pepa Guardiola, Manchester City players who banned sugary drinks and pizza are already know. Now came to the surface, that the revolution in nutrition has performed his fellow coach Jürgen Klopp. The summer dragged from Bayern Munich