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Hradec at the Spengler Cup ends. In the quarterfinals, lost to Canada 1:5

“That defeat is high. In Canada, we have carefully prepared, but it did not work out in that regard that we wanted to settle the game shorthanded. Canada has an excellent power play and the game’s only confirmed it. We had too many exclusions and Canada we five goals just put three on the power play, “he commented the duel coach Vaclav Sykora Hradec Kralove.

While Canada had after the defeat of Minsk (4:7) and a home win over Davos 4:3 Wednesday as a day of rest, Mountfield joined to the third duel for three days. Perhaps because they had to help out Východočeši often fouls. In the first period they were in the penalty box four times, for which he is punished Ebbett in the fifth minute and 19 seconds before the first break Noreau.

Introduction of the second period power play looked like the other Canadians, even though they played at full strength on both sides. Prolonged pressure overseas group brought a huge opportunity Genowaye, but the ferret Kacetl. During the game, four on each side added the third goal after 34 minutes Gormley.

“Everything emerged from the first period, when we are just vlítli, we played a lot of weakness and they gave us the power play scored two goals. Then we had the game open, pushing more to finish and try to renumber, which resulted in errors defense, and Canadians from that added more goals, “said the striker Rudolph the Red losers.

Canada then played almost half a minute five on three, but 40 seconds before going to the cabin that was contrary Bednar, who terrific blow fell.

At the beginning of the third period he was expelled Dietz and Východočeši for it again paid dearly when Floodovu stamped cleaned up promptly shot back at Kacetlova Raymond. About 37 seconds later in front of the goal area of ​​the Czech team he found the fastest disk Paré increased to 5: 1st

“We had to his credit a total of 20 penalty minutes, which is too much. And with such a quality team not in such numbers exclude win,” said Red, whose team had difficulties to adjust especially when considering interventions stick.

After 55 minutes, could still reduce Bednar, separate escape but ended nedůrazným backhand that goalie Fucal safely read. This moment, however, it could not change the fact that Canada in Friday’s semifinals repeat duel with Minsk. In the second semifinal duel comes to Lugano with Swiss derby Davos, who defeated Yekaterinburg 3: 1st

“While the first period was clear and there was a series of four exclusions in the second period, the game settled and we had a power play and we did. We had also some chances, but failed to use them and download the gap of more than 1: 3. right at the start of the third period, we then got the fourth goal again in the weakening and it was decided, “said the coach Sykora.

Peťo, come on! Kvitova encouraged former coach Kotyza finalists Extraliga

Petro, we are with you! They sent a clear message to the tennis Prostejov their parťačce Petra Kvitova, who is expected to win the Extraliga mixed teams. Tennis player, who is recovering from Tuesday’s ambush and after surgery pořezaných tendons courts will miss at least half a year, is in fact a member of the club in Prostejov, and several of the last nine titles in a row participated. This time Prostejov defeated Sparta Prague 6: 2 matches on without her. Both teams then Petra Kvitova sent a touching message.

“Petra is an icon of Prostejov tennis, he won two Wimbledon and if anyone from our team becomes something so awful, logically it hits us very severely. We condemn this attack, but what is most important now, wish Peter a speedy recovery and to return as soon as possible on the courts. It is now most important. We won the title for her, include Peter, it is important for us, “he said after the final Prostejov captain Jaroslav Navratil.

Winners and losers after the final tournament took a picture together with a banner “We think of you. We are with you “and photo Petra Kvitova . The fact that the finals would be played, but did not think in Prostejov.

“We talked about how before the game what happened, so during the day, but the final extra-league sporting events. It must be distinguished. I’m glad we made it up to the victorious end and we won for Peter, “he repeated Navratil.

He also praised former coach David Kotyza Petra Kvitova. “He was wearing a shirt that we support her, and it was from him a very good gesture,” he acknowledged the non-playing captain of the Czech Davis Cup team. All apparently believes that Kvitova back where it belongs.

“That’s the most important thing, because if you do vcítíme her fate, what a player and among the world’s top five, for it is breaking at this injury career. We’ll all have faith that it will heal quickly, it’s a young girl, and they were soon back among us. The training and tournaments. ”

Finalists tennis Extraliga remotely encouraged Petra Kvitova, t-shirt with the inscription Peťo come dressed and her former coach David Kotyza

Prostejov tennis dominated by Extraliga since 2007 (in 2009, the competition for Davis Cup final played before) and had a total of fourteen fight for trophies.

“Every year, our very prestigious and we try to defend the position of the best club in the Czech Republic. The number is fantastic and it’s a great work of players and club facilities,” said team coach and former Prostejov fifth world player Jiri Novak of the Czech Television.

Initially final but faltered a little favorite. Slovak Norbert Gomboš was able to secure the first point, but then surprisingly lost to Barbora Strycova and Jiri Vesely. The turnover was followed by the singles taken care of Lucie Safarova , Adam Pavlásek and Slovakian Martin Klizan, they added a crucial point in the doubles with men Vesely Klizan.

About one of the surprises take care Marek Michalička. Currently 355th player ATP rankings, which since September coached at the University of the US, defeated three hundred places above her Vesely 6: 2 and 6: 3rd “A few years ago I climbed here (German) Florian Mayer, who was still higher than Jirka, so this is my second best result,” said Michalička.

Three sets needed to win Pavlásek and Gomboš, while certainly won Klizan and Safarova, who rose to 4: 2 after the victory over a Swiss Stefanie Vögele. “After a long time I’ve played in the hall, because I completed training in Florida. It’s good to play a match before traveling to Australia,” said Safarova.

Happy playing left hand, and Prostejov Klizan sealed the triumph by winning the doubles pair of Michalička, Michal final 6: 2 and 7: 6th “Extraliga is extraordinary and I am glad I can be there,” said Vesely. Pavlásek with Gombos won after visiting a couple of Vocel, Papik after the first set skrečoval.

Toys Prostejov is Petra Kvitova, who usually plays the drums finals, but this time the team was not due to fatigue fracture of the foot. After Tuesday’s robbery at her apartment also has a nicked his hand and fingers after surgery can not play tennis at least half a year.

Sparta advanced to the finals for the first time since 2000, when it won the title for the ninth time. Before that won, for example, even with the help of Martina Navratilova, Jana Kodeš, Hana Mandlikova and Renata Tomanova in the years 1970-1974, 1976, 1978 and 1980.

What awaits Kvitova month after month: He carried two most important fingers

Half a year without tennis! Such a prognosis uttered doctors who tenistce Petra Kvitova (26) »rescued« nicked his left hand he holds the racket. Knife during the attack hit all the fingers, most of which have won the most important – the thumb and forefinger.

Doctors know Peter can not guarantee that the courts will return without problems, but he believes he can do it. The surgeon Radek Kebrle described what it waits for the next few months.

Days after the operation
“In the coming days we will take care of impact issues. Rather, it will be a changing of bandages and control swelling. Wounds will heal slowly. “Roughly 14 days should be wound heal.

6-8 weeks
During this time they should join the severed tendon. “The hands will have a splint to keep the hand in roughly six to eight weeks, depending on how the situation will look like. When it comes to taking out the stitches will continue so. Mobilizations protected. Petra will be able to move his fingers so as not to risk what was stapling. ”

3 months
“We will gradually increase the range of motion of the fingers, after three months of work adds to muscle strength.” It is important that the tendons were matured and with a sufficiently strong.

6 months
“Peter will have to miss the long haul. The sports load can talk on the order of six months after the operation. ”

Klopp Strikes Back: Why should we let Neville speak on TV?

In England wakes up one big rivalry. Gary and Phil Neville sharply embarked Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius who in recent matches showed unconvincing performances. The words of former players of Manchester United, who both work as a television experts, resented the coach “Reds” Jürgen Klopp. “Of course, the Neville brothers Liverpool do not like, I’m here again from that to protect its players,” he told a news conference.

German goalkeeper Karius on himself lately highlights unconvincing performances. When you lose in Bournemouth (3: 4) and Sunday’s draw with West Ham (2: 2) had a significant share several goals and collected on the field caused much conviction. “It transmits anxiety to the whole team,” he said after the match with Bournemouth Gary Neville. “It kills the team on the pitch,” said Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher.

Young goalkeeper received criticism difficult and recalled the recent failed engagement to Gary Neville in Valencia. “The coach was a moment and suddenly is back again as an expert,” marveled Karius. Such behavior is grossly disliked Carragher, who sent a message to his former team goalkeepers, “My advice to him would be: Shut up and do your job.”

That was well enough to coach Klopp, who decided to protect his charge. “Most of the former players seem to have forgotten about how they felt when they were under fire. Especially Neville Brothers. Who ever was a coach, he should certainly know that too much criticism does not help anyone, “said the coach.

The rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United is huge and it seems that the last days would give her new charge. “It is clear to me that the Neville brothers do not like Liverpool. Gary showed that he could not assess the players as a coach, so why we should let him speak on TV? “He asked sarcastically Klopp.

“By the way tell Gary that I do not Twitter. So if he wants to say something, the social network will not help, “said Klopp. “Criticism is normal, I’m not surprised. My job is to protect players, “he concluded. Foreplay before the investigation started the game in advance, on January 15 with Liverpool is present at Old Trafford.

Guardiola confirmed his reputation as a dog. City Stars can not enjoy Christmas, they will work hard

Spanish soccer coach Pep Guardiola confirmed that work is for him in the first place. And even in the case when it comes to the Christmas holiday. His charges at Manchester City announced a plan for the next day, which with time off does not count much. Their families and the players almost do not apply.

The team will meet for training on Christmas Day as well as Dec. 25, which in England is the main Christmas feast. “In the afternoon, we will go by bus to Hull,” said the coach. There, his team is waiting on Monday League duel.

Guardiola, renowned for its work commitment, clearly stated: “We will prepare for the match as if it were no Christmas. There are no special days.”

Festive game time for him yet novelty, because in their previous action in Barcelona and Bayern Munich had the league at the end of each break. In England, on the other hand, this period even busier and City are waiting for eight days, three games. After Hull board’s Eve against Liverpool and Burnley on January 2 hosts. These two engagements while sharing or 48 hours.

The coach even asked about the experience of players such as David Silva, as this remarkable hitched load. “I am here first year. I did not know that there are people around soccer in the winter and during Christmas still must concentrate, concentrate, concentrate on your work. At home you celebrate over dinner, at lunch … We must be ready,” said Guardiola.

City team belongs in the Premier League in third position at first Chelsea loses seven points.

Klopp as Guardiola! The players changed diet expert took Bayern

A vigorous changes Pepa Guardiola, Manchester City players who banned sugary drinks and pizza are already know. Now came to the surface, that the revolution in nutrition has performed his fellow coach Jürgen Klopp. The summer dragged from Bayern Munich Specialist Mona Nemmerovou that fundamentally changed the orders in the cadre “reds”.

“Food for the players vary. For example, goalkeepers not run as much as reservists or even Brazilians are accustomed to a different type of breakfast than English are required. Everything is therefore adjusted according to the cultures of different somatotypes and gaming positions, “he says in an interview with the German nutritional counselor. “We have players who are more focused on protein and others turn to other components of the diet,” he adds.

Changing your diet is among the players Liverpool positive feedback. Some even in their free time begging Nemmerovou order to give them a personal cooking lesson and be able to prepare special meals at home.

“We do our work with local and seasonal products,” says Kloppova specialist. “We want to focus on normal food and to maintain the highest nutritional value.”

But if you think that Sturridge et al. chroustají carrots when traveling between stadiums and hotels, you’re wrong. Nemmerovou not a problem for the players to prepare, for example, a popular chocolate pudding. At the same time, however, it raises a warning finger. . “We need him to use rice or almond milk, no powder and mainly use high-quality cocoa, which does not contain sugar. Instead they can use molasses in the finals and have a completely different looking product, “he says.

Liverpool players and they themselves first-class service. The training center in Melwood have four meals a day. I get a job manager Klopp praised his compatriot and even along thinking about that at Anfield had their own grocery store or write down your own cookbook.

“We can build the best nutritional department in the world,” says the coach the whole second Premier League and he adds: “I’m not the type of person who would be proud to everything, but this work I am really happy.”